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Want to do something fun and engaging with your colleagues or employees? Looking for a great team building activity? Or maybe you just want to get to your conference meeting "like a boss". Or even better, impress your VIP client in a totally different way? Well consider one of our executive limo buses! Our custom made luxurious Mercedes sprinter buses promise a good time in style. Your colleagues, employees or clients will be amazed by the cool amenities. A stretch limo or SUV is a thing of the past. Give your people the freedom to move around, dance and play while we get you to your event and back.


A More Fun Way to Bond

Times have changed, and companies today are promoting fun activities to bring together their teams for a memorable bonding experience. They understand how important it is for a stress free and happy work place. Let us help you design the perfect corporate get-a-way.

Endless Event Options

How awesome would it be to have one of our crazy decked out party buses pick up you and your team for some partying as we make our way to LA Escape or Maze Rooms or a Murder Mystery dinner. We have helped companies organize events such as:

  • Holiday Outings
  • Laser Tagging
  • K1 Speed Racing
  • Brewery Tours
  • Malibu Wineries
  • Creativity Workshops

The list goes on and on. Let us help you design the perfect corporate get-a-way.


Beyond all the good fun, you could also avoid the long walk to the restroom or the unpleasant porter potties if you opt for one of our vehicles equipped with a built-in restroom! All our buses come stocked with ice, sodas, waters cups, paper towels, toilet paper, and cleansers. Check out all the cool amenities and buses on our site! We can adapt and set you up a wonderful package to your exact need. With Arabian Knights, no one is left behind!

From our customers

Heidi C.

Hands down, Tareq was the best host/ driver you can possibly hire for an eventful night! Whatever the occasion he would make it a night to remember... or not remember. LOL. The party bus was clean and tech-abundant. Want to play off your device? Bam, bluetooth. Don't have the right vibing music? He got you- Pandora, his playlist, or radio. Your choice. Forgot your camera? Built-in and ready to shoot. (He promptly sends you copies when requested.) Phone out of battery? Charger station on hand. Don't worry if you forgot your charger. He's prepared. Got dull/ quiet? Turn on the disco light to start the party off right. If you want a reliable, fun time then hire Arabian Knights Limo Service. Very classy and not trashy.

David H.

Where do I start?! How about if you're reading this you've found the party bus you're looking for. From helping with the endless questions our group had to making sure we had the best bus we could get with our budget, Arabian Knights was fantastic. The level of customer service provided was a nice change from what we as consumers have come to expect from many markets. Oh and the bus has ALL the bells and whistles. I had to see it to believe it but it's as amazing as it appears. The iPad photo booth was a hit. SO MUCH COOLER SPACE! Not to mention a wine fridge (can also be used for waters/beers etc.) Like what!? The decor and entertainment systems of the bus help take it to another level as well. It's your own VIP section on wheels. I'll be using Arabian Knights for all future events. Can't wait for the next occasion!

Jojo N.

Wow!!! Simply AMAZING but nothing simple or plain about this limo. The New Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus that was personally designed was better than the best. Celebrating my baby's 50th was an experience that was amplified by this limo. I was more than impressed with the interior detail and lightning. The detailed stitching was state of the art. I have never seen or have been in a limo like this and being a limo rider from the ATL and other states, that is saying quite a lot. Trying my best to have him send some limos to Atlanta..they are spectacular. Just give Tareq a call..He will send you pics. Just more than BEYOND!! Thanks so much!!

recommended vehicle

Large Groups
Our ultimate and customized luxury party bus, the Golden Chariot, is designed for those clients who love taking their celebrations to extremes! Definitely not your average vehicle!
Smaller Groups
This Mercedes-Benz sprinter party bus is the latest addition to our fleet. We guarantee that it will contribute to making your night unforgettable!


We fill the insulated coolers with ice, The refrigerators with sodas and waters. Fill the cup dispenser with 16oz cups. The restroom is also equipped with toilet paper and cleansers.
No we do not provide any alcohol. We do have an alcohol dispenser to store your bottles. The clients can bring their own liquor and mixers, just as long as they are over the age of 21.
Yes, as long as the time is taken into account in the itinerary.
No absolutely not. For safety reasons and under DOT insurance guidelines, transportation vehicles (including party buses) are required to take passengers to a location or make occasional stops. Also, keep in mind this is a closed, confined space where clients are more often drinking and dancing. This could lead to claustrophobia, motion sickness and anxiety. For buses not equipped with a toilet, restroom breaks must also be taken into account
Right away if you want to ensure the reservation of the bus.
You can bring food to transport. That's not a problem. Unfortunately these buses are not made for eating inside. Snacks are permitted with $50 cleaning fee.
Yes. However, keep in mind we do have big insulated coolers provided for you with ice so you don't want to take up too much floor space, leave that for the dancing.
No. This is not allowed. This is very dangerous and uncomfortable for the rest of the guests. We follow strict DOT guidelines. We will help you find the perfect size bus for whatever headcount.
Yes. Your belongings will be safe and secure with your alcohol. We will clean and get the bus ready for you upon your return for round two or three of the night!

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