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We fill the insulated coolers with ice, The refrigerators with sodas and waters. Fill the cup dispenser with 16oz cups. The restroom is also equipped with toilet paper and cleansers

Yes, as long as the time is taken into account in the itinerary.

No we do not provide any alcohol. We do have an alcohol dispenser to store your bottles. The clients can bring their own liquor and mixers, just as long as they are over the age of 21.

You can bring food to transport. That’s not a problem. Unfortunately these buses are not made for eating inside. Snacks are permitted with $50 cleaning fee.

No absolutely not. For safety reasons and under DOT insurance guidelines, transportation vehicles (including party buses) are required to take passengers to a location or make occasional stops. Also, keep in mind this is a closed, confined space where clients are more often drinking and dancing. This could lead to claustrophobia, motion sickness and anxiety. For buses not equipped with a toilet, restroom breaks must also be taken into account

Yes. Your belongings will be safe and secure with your alcohol. We will clean and get the bus ready for you upon your return for round two or three of the night!

No. This is not allowed. This is very dangerous and uncomfortable for the rest of the guests. We follow strict DOT guidelines. We will help you find the perfect size bus for whatever headcount.

Yes. However, keep in mind we do have big insulated coolers provided for you with ice so you don’t want to take up too much floor space, leave that for the dancing.

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